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Boot Boy Radio is a 24 hour Internet Radio Station based in England, featuring the Boot Boy Ska Show, the UK’s leading weekly Ska Show. It has many 100’s of live listeners and fans. The Podcast of the show gets 100’s of downloads and streams on iTunes, Podomatic etc. Each Weekly show costs about £95.00 to produce and is made possible by our sponsors, advertisers and listener donations.

Listeners can DONATE HERE.

Main Sponsor: £100 for 2 Months

Be the Main Sponsor of Boot Boy Radio for 8 Weeks.
This package gives your Brand, Business or Event maximum exposure across all of our channels. As the Main Sponsor, you get...
1. A professional voice advertisement (10-15 secs) created by the amazing John Rodgers and played at least 24 times a day.
2. Played at least once per hours during our live shows.
3. Played times during the Podcast (100's of streams and downloads via iTunes, Podomatic and more.
4. Links to your website and Facebook Business Page on
5. Links to your website and Facebook Business Page on
6. Live shouts-outs during the show.

New Ska Tracks Sponsor: £60 for 4 Weeks

Loads of shout-outs for your brand, business or event, every time we play a new Ska track during the Radio Show, Facebook Live Event and Podcast. Includes Facebook and Website links.

Gig Guide Sponsor: £30 for 4 Weeks

Be the Gig Guide Sponsor for 4 Weeks. Get loads of mentions for Brand, Business or Event throughout the Radio Show, Facebook Live Event and Podcast. Includes Facebook and Website links.

Business Ad: £10 for 2 Weeks

Advertise for 2 Weeks. Spoken Advertisement during the Radio Shows, Facebook Live Events and Podcasts for 2 Weeks. Advertise your Brand, Business or Event for a tenner.


Support The Show: £5

Like what we're doing? Loving the Radio Show? The Podcast? You can support the show for a £5 (or less).