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Simply enter your Name/Nickname below. AFTER the chat starts up for you, don’t forget to listen to the live stream above so you can here the Radio Show while chatting to other visitors/listeners.


Boot Boy Radio Chat 
Anonymous891: TUNE..!!!
Anonymous890: love the hendrix tune!
Anonymous887: devil-laugh
Anonymous887: can you leave me your name becoz it saysAnonymous
Anonymous887: 1.34 brand new you roy from budmaster pops never bean realest ?
Anonymous887: thank for listen in one love pops
Anonymous890: nice one pops!
Anonymous922: Keep on running leekielaugh-big
Anonymous922: Play me a request plz
geofflighfoot: can i have a pork pie steve
Anonymous941: morning john
Anonymous942: Morning
Anonymous942: cool
Anonymous941: hi
Steve Phelps: This chat applet will be removed shortly and replaced with an updated chat box. Please keep an eye on Boot Boy Radio Facebook page for announcements. Steve (Catflea Massacre)
Anonymous941: test
Anonymous967: Hi
Anonymous981: Hi mates
Anonymous982: Hidi hi
Anonymous981: How do u sign in
Anonymous993: LYRIK3L
Anonymous995: brill,cool
Anonymous995: solid vibes,
Anonymous1016: Hello
Anonymous1053: This the only radioshow i feel like not asking for requests
Anonymous1053: everytime i listen i think i found a new classic
Anonymous1053: fkin awesome
Anonymous1053: bigup Pops!
Anonymous1057: Im hear
Anonymous1062: Geoffro