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Boot Boy Radio Chat 
Anonymous365: Evening
Anonymous388: Hi sweetie
Anonymous388: You not on Facebook tonight
Anonymous388: it’s Teresa
Anonymous406: WHO SINGS THIS
Anonymous418: Morning Geoff,Ollie, Sue and Alan and all the ska family hope you have a great time at skamouth
Anonymous430: Evening Geoff
Anonymous431: Steve Hunt
Anonymous431: First time messaging from the website Geoff. Doesn’t seem to be the same volume of comments on here as on FB.
Anonymous441: evening all
Anonymous443: vamo huguito querido!!!!
Anonymous443: saludos de rosario!
Anonymous444: Buenos Humos desde el conurbano bonaerensee <3
Anonymous448: Good evening all - Hope you all enjoyed my first show on Boot Boy radio yesterday - (Keith - AKA The Skaman London)
Anonymous462: Sounding good Keith!!
Anonymous462: Sounding good keefy!! Brian here!cool
Anonymous466: hi
Anonymous472: Thanks guys we're on again now
Anonymous478: wooo were on here now
Anonymous478: much better sound
Anonymous478: this is a great tune
Anonymous478: scootsandsoul
Anonymous489: You're listening to The Skaman London show on
Anonymous526: laugh-big
Anonymous526: Sue hi geoff
Anonymous526: Sue: hi Geoff
Anonymous528: Loving the ska version ofPink Floyd's wish you were here
Anonymous528: Just need the reggae version of Purple Rain now please, and that's my day complete
Anonymous536: I need The Tokyo Rankers
Anonymous550: Hello Lads!