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Boot Boy Radio Chat 
Anonymous156: Hiya
Anonymous156: Monkey man I mean really only heard it 20 times two weeks ago
Anonymous165: hahaah
Anonymous165: laugh-big
Anonymous168: Hello from Kansas.
Anonymous168: Geoff if you are seeing this could you play Jerome’s version onlf Long Shot
Anonymous170: smile
Anonymous186: Hello from Kansas City
Anonymous193: Saludos from Argentina.. viva la ska music!! Oi!oi!
Anonymous197: Hello!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous197: Mariano bravo!!!!!!!!1
Anonymous198: Daz in da house
Anonymous198: Sweet tunes KCSK all the way from the UK ... big up my friend.... Daz Kane
Anonymous212: Hi people
Anonymous221: hi
Anonymous225: what's playing now?
Anonymous225: thanks! wink
Anonymous228: From Brazil!!
Anonymous236: love it!
Anonymous259: Jah Rome here any one out there? cool
Anonymous259: heart
Anonymous261: hi
Anonymous261: what was the song before The Dualers - Treasure?
Anonymous269: can you contact ska waddy about a new single due out next Wednesday best get in touch with natasha marie
Anonymous273: Chhon
Anonymous276: Hi Darren its Ewan
Anonymous276: Listening to the radio with mum loving the music choices
Anonymous276: laugh
Anonymous276: U sound like benny hill