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Boot Boy Radio Chat 
Anonymous619: is facebook live down? Carlos here smile
Anonymous620: Hi my lovely can not get on Facebook
Anonymous620: hi my lovely from Teresa
Anonymous619: there's something on the news that Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp are all buggered in some way or form
Anonymous620: Well I’m hear and not in my hot tub
Anonymous620: Swindon
Anonymous621: Facebook is Down..
Anonymous619: /nick
Anonymous619: smile trying to remember good old commands in these chatrooms...
Anonymous620: teresa Harris
Anonymous619: hiya, Carlos here!! Malambo Ska Band from Argentina
Anonymous621: Hi Geoff i am here Colin English..
Anonymous621: cool
Anonymous622: Hi colin
Anonymous622: terrsa harris
Anonymous621: F---ing FB.
Anonymous622: This is not so good
Anonymous621: The Rulers - Wrong'em Boyo
Anonymous621: The Dualers - Red Light
Anonymous621: laugh-big
Anonymous621: will you be back on Facebook on Friday Geoff ???
Anonymous621: Lorna Bennett - Breakfast In Bed
Anonymous621: Prince Buster - Judge Dread
Anonymous621: I will send you a USB
Anonymous677: Hi Alan
Anonymous678: Boot Boy Radio big up Anthony london
Anonymous678: Cheers lads Great show
Anonymous685: Ey up sy
Anonymous686: Hi all
Anonymous686: Can you please play anything by John Holt many thanks from Iain adams