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Boot Boy Radio Chat 
Anonymous766: Ken Milsom is my name. .... Listening here in New Zealand.'
Anonymous771: Mossy Motown and Norther show on right now
Anonymous799: Wol cheers Worrow from Worrow!!
Anonymous813: Fine weekend in-love Dua Alita - Jessie Jinglebell - Mika Sydney - Loreen Ljubljana - Ola Trani - Sean Dua - Enrique Belfast - Conchita Sydney
Anonymous818: Anthony Gibson: Hello from Crewe
Anonymous819: just found out i can talk 2 you bro
Anonymous819: john dowling
Anonymous819: lol
Anonymous819: aka dubmasterpops
Anonymous819: dean hopkins & john pops dowling
Anonymous819: thank bro
Anonymous819: one of my fav delry wilson
Anonymous819: ive got my boys listening in from all over the world if you can play sum of my new album bro
Anonymous819: if you can bro
Anonymous819: cool
Anonymous820: jo jo here pops*s misses/sidekick innit...!! can u play me shinehead *STRIVE*....SWEEET...
Anonymous819: sume of the ub40 boys are listin in
Anonymous820: BIG UP #OUCH..!! to mr gilly G.....
Anonymous819: clock
Anonymous819: clock
Anonymous819: laugh-big
Anonymous823: Duncan (Mowgli) checkin in from Granada Andalusia! Sending big love xx
Anonymous823: I heard my man Popadom is Inna the studio?
Anonymous819: please play just one of my tunes bro if you can bro
Anonymous819: nice one bro call me
Anonymous820: ONE LOVE.....JOJO N POPS
Anonymous823: Tune!! Great show. Nice work one breadbins smile
Anonymous826: Good morning
Anonymous829: Good job respect from Spain
Anonymous830: Good morning from sunny Victoria Australia