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Boot Boy Radio Chat 
Anonymous125: Dr ska there are two location one is in Clacton essex and the other is in Bedfordshire they are all close friends del Rob & ben
Anonymous122: thanks for the info
Anonymous125: Does this help
Anonymous125: They are good djs to go and watch and s***k the night away too
Anonymous125: Skannk
Anonymous122: will have to keep looking out for them are they on facebook
Anonymous125: Yes they are on Facebook I follow them
Anonymous122: will find them
Anonymous125: Ye where u from?
Anonymous122: cambridge
Anonymous125: They have gigs coming up in Bedford in November and Hertfordshire and Essex area
Anonymous122: sounds good have to see if i can get to one
Anonymous128: hi all dr ska playing some hot choons
Anonymous123: they certainly know there stuff!
Anonymous125: Definitely look them up
Anonymous128: its geoff im trying to get chat room sorted so you know who your talking too
Anonymous125: Hi Geoff
Anonymous128: hi whos this
Anonymous122: will do have really enjoyed tonight top tunes
Anonymous128: have you all shared the link guys would be awesome if you could cheers
Anonymous126: Shared shared and shared again as always Lord longbar x
Anonymous128: cheers hazel
Anonymous125: Have shared for you smile
Anonymous122: will do
Anonymous128: stay tuned back live in 5 mins jus doing change over cheers share share share
Anonymous122: as always Lord longbar brilliant show
Anonymous123: Enjoyed the DR SKA set - some cracking tunes!
Anonymous128: hi all any requests
Anonymous130: Hello
Anonymous130: heart