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Also available via Facebook (Live Accompanying Show)

Based: South East UK

Geoff Longbar

Geoff has been a stalwart of ska since he first hatched out of a can of Baked Beans. In his youth he decided that to fit in with the rest of the beans he would shave his head, previously supporting a large beehive, and put on a pair of boots, which has mother had finally finished knitting.

In 1792 Geoff, playing on a lute, discovered that if he lied about being out of time with the rest of the band, but said he was playing on the offbeat, could get away with the whole concept of practicing.

Jah Full Of Reggae 2

Broadcast: Monday 2-4pm
Also available via Facebook (Live Accompanying Show)

Based: South East UK

Adam Gammage

Adam is the youngest person in the UK to receive scrambled eggs through the post. After saving the Queens life in a freak accident whilst attending the World Hot Dog Eating Championship, she asked him if he would like to choose from a lifetime pension or a becoming the owner of all the swans in her kingdom.

Adam spends his time listening to music as diverse as the theme tune from Panorama to the theme tune of his own life, which constantly plays audibly through reverse ear trumpets.

Skatones & Reggae 2

Broadcast: Thursday 8-10pm
Sunday 3-5pm

Based: Peacehaven, UK

Alan Townson: the Creator

Just a few words to introduce myself, my name is Alan Townson from South London,  now living in Brighton. I have been a skinhead since i can remember. I love the skinhead scene and the culture, I see myself as an inbetween skinhead from the first generation of Ska to the second generation 2 Tone phenomena.The music and culture has played a huge part of my life

I play all Reggae, Ska and 2 Tone and I believe in keeping the music and culture going. I am now ass AKA The Creator of Skatones and Reggae 2

Catflea Massacre Ska & Reggae Show

Broadcast: Tuesday 5-7pm

Based: North West UK

Catflea Massacre

Theres is not much that Mr Massacre, as he likes to be known, doesn’t know about holes in socks. Over a period of seventeen years he has climbed both in and out of 347 individual pairs. In a moment of lucidity he quickly explained ‘I’m looking for the ultimate off beat’.

During his downtime he enjoys floating on bowls of custard. This meditative style is practiced through out his own family, as they can be found watching television whilst they stir each other with bespoke designed over large spoons.

Rocksteady Tonight 

Broadcast: Tuesday 10-12 midnight

Based: Northeast Pennsylvania US

Phil Duckworth & Rick Cornejo

Phil, a veteran podcaster hails from Canada originally, and has been a fan of the genre for decades. He can benchpress a small bear, useful in Pennsylvania.

Rick, from the woods of New Jersey, has been listening to ska since before he knew what ska was and lends his taste and unique perspective. David Beckham once spat at Rick and his friends for their taunts during a MLS match.

Both Phil and Rick love a wide variety of music styles, good beer and can often be found at music festivals.

Northern Soul & Motown With DJ Leekie

Broadcast: Wednesday 9-10pm

Based: Walsall, UK

Peter Leek

I’m 63 year old, full time steering wheel manager with the Hotel Scania dept. and part time wanna-be DJ. I’ve been into music since the mid 60’s, although I missed out on the Twisted Wheel, I did manage a few trips to the Torch. Brownhills Youth Club opened me up to Soul and Mod music and then progressing onto Reggae.

My love in music is Northern Soul, Ska and Mod 60’s sounds and after recently returning to the decks, I have played at a few local venue’s and a couple of charity events further afield. 

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