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Based: South East UK

Geoff Longbar

Geoff has been a stalwart of ska since he first hatched out of a can of Baked Beans. In his youth he decided that to fit in with the rest of the beans he would shave his head, previously supporting a large beehive, and put on a pair of boots, which has mother had finally finished knitting.

In 1792 Geoff, playing on a lute, discovered that if he lied about being out of time with the rest of the band, but said he was playing on the offbeat, could get away with the whole concept of practicing.

Skatones & Reggae 2 With Alan Townson: The Creator

Based: Peacehaven, UK

Alan Townson: the Creator

Just a few words to introduce myself, my name is Alan Townson from South London,  now living in Brighton. I have been a skinhead since i can remember. I love the skinhead scene and the culture, I see myself as an inbetween skinhead from the first generation of Ska to the second generation 2 Tone phenomena.The music and culture has played a huge part of my life

I play all Reggae, Ska and 2 Tone and I believe in keeping the music and culture going. I am now ass AKA The Creator of Skatones and Reggae 2

Catflea Massacre Ska & Reggae Show

Based: North West UK

Catflea Massacre

Theres is not much that Mr Massacre, as he likes to be known, doesn’t know about holes in socks. Over a period of seventeen years he has climbed both in and out of 347 individual pairs. In a moment of lucidity he quickly explained ‘I’m looking for the ultimate off beat’.

During his downtime he enjoys floating on bowls of custard. This meditative style is practiced through out his own family, as they can be found watching television whilst they stir each other with bespoke designed over large spoons.

Ska-ing the West Country with Darren Worrow

Based: Devizes

Darren Worrow

Suppose I’m the “creative” type, all I know is my childhood dream of being a cartoonist has warped somewhat over the eons. I achieved it when I produced my own anthology comic; a decade wasted. Reinvented myself as an author; a few books self-published, receiving fair reviews despite a lack of grammar, if you looked really hard there was a joke in some.

I was only ever a window-shopper with music. Love it, live for it, can’t hold a note, can’t play an instrument, I guess DJ is the only way to express my affection for it, but I shy at nothing, save eggnog. That is why I’m blessed that Boot Boy Radio stupidly gave me chance, and Ska-ing the West Country is now a thing. Means I can play my favourite tunes, say silly things, and generally mess about; story of my life.

Daz Kane’s Ska Train

Based: He’s Never Sure, UK

Daz Kane

Born in the alpine wilderness, Daz came to prominence after a freak wormhole landed him in the children’s favourite Little House On The Prairie where he played Laura Ingells Ragdoll for over seven seasons. It was there that he developed a love of Ragtime music and developed a dance called Stream Dancing, the forerunner of River Dance. With the copyright money he received from Michael Flatley, Daz bought his first set of decks; he’s been DJ-ing ever since.

Reggae Mood With Deano DJ

Based: London, UK

Dean Mitchell

I’m a full time DJ with over 20 years experience working in the music industry. I thoroughly enjoy my job and am equally enthusiastic working at smaller functions as I am at larger corporate & sporting events.

The corporate clients I have recently been contracted by includes: NFL, BBC, IBM, Floating Festivals, Eurosport to name a few, but with all this said, my personal passion and love is for Reggae Music; given a choice any chance to play.

Freddie Kruger: The Best of Jamaican Reggae

Based: Ocho Rios, Jamiaca

Freddie Kruger

Freddie is an accomplished record producer, recording and live band engineer who has
produced songs for Spragga Benz, Lady Saw, Capleton, Sizzla, Sanchez and Mykal Rose on his Drop Di Bass Records label. He is currently Sanchez’s and Lady Saw’s (Marion Hall) tour engineer and dj when he is not recording in his Drop Di Bass Recording
Studio located in Tower Isle St Mary Jamaica.

SkaMan Cyprus

Based: Cyprus

Gareth Severn

I am a professional singer and entertainer on the beautiful Island of Cyprus. In 1980 at the tender age of 5. My ears heard a sound that has lived with me ever since. That was the nutty sound of Madness and Baggy Trousers. The crazy moves and the zany tunes captured me and I was hooked.

I have done many things through my life time but Ska and 2-tone has always stayed with me. I moved to Cyprus and began my show ‘The Ska Man Cyprus’ bringing the sounds of Ska, 2-tone, Rocksteady and Reggae to the masses of tourists. If you are ever on holiday make sure you come and say hi!

Rude Sounds with Hugo Lobo

Based: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hugo Lobo

Originally from the neighbourhood of Villa Pueyrredón and with self-management as his flag, Hugo Lobo vindicates the ska genre, installing it in the ears of millions of people nationally and internationally.
Trumpeter, composer, arranger and producer. With 27 years of experience, 17 of his own albums, more than a hundred participations as a session player in various projects and innumerable presentations to his credit.

Among the major artists with whom he played and recorded are: Rico Rodríguez, The Skatalites, Winston Francis, Pauline Black, Jerry Dammers, Lynval Golding, Roddy Radiation, Ken Boothe, Horace Andy, Dennis Bovell, Doreen Shaffer, Hepcat, Gaz Mayall, among others.

With a deep-rooted commitment to music and social well-being, Hugo Lobo is also in charge of a child-youth orchestra called “Vamos Los Pibes”, where he presents himself as an alternative for the cultural and intellectual development of children in vulnerable situations.

Little Man With A Big Show

Based: Huddersfield, UK

Ian Mad Jack Creaghan

Hi I’m known as Creago. I’m a mod/rude boy who enjoys turning people’s heads as I ride past on my scooter. I started DJing in the pubs of Huddersfield before progressing to radio. I’ve been presenting with mod radio for the past 4yrs and for the last year having my own show.

The show is usually a show of two halves. The first half consists of mod based music, the second half is my trademark sound of ska and two tone. I also produce a monthly punk show. So tune in for 2hrs of fantastic music.

Lick A Shot with Jerome Schooley

Based: NW Ohio, US

Jerome Schooley

I am from the US and, live in the North West side of Ohio. I have been a Ska musician for 25 years, having multiple album releases in multiple bands. Playing alongside and befriending such bands as, Dr. Ring Ding, King Django, The Slackers, Deals Gone Bad, Jay Navarro and The Traitors, The Toasters and many others.

Playing Ska in the seemingly dead years in the United States proved like many others that Ska was not dead and never will die; there will always be ones who keep the faith. I try to write true to my surrounding and home but showing how the spirit of this music and movement has changed my heart and life.

Dub Master Pops

Based: Birmingham, UK

Johnny Alan Dowling

Experience of 30 years as Sound Engineer & professional music producer contributing to an array of professional bands and musicians worldwide, mixing.. lighting technician and stage production management.

In 1994 I moved to Jamaica to run Bob Marley’s studio for Ali Campbell, having the pleasure of working and recording with some of the best reggae artist in the world such as. Jimmy Cliff, John Holt, Toots, etc. and also living legend Keith Richards.

Boots N Braces With DJ Moldie

Based: Dudley, UK

Mick Reynolds

I started DJ-ing in 1999 and promoting the same year.

I soon rose up the ranks and within two years had residencies at all-dayers, nighters and weekenders.

The collecting got out of hand and had to slow down, however radio work soon followed and so did DJ appearances all over the UK and abroad

Northern Soul & Motown With DJ Leekie

Based: Walsall, UK

Peter Leek

I’m 63 year old, full time steering wheel manager with the Hotel Scania dept. and part time wanna-be DJ. I’ve been into music since the mid 60’s, although I missed out on the Twisted Wheel, I did manage a few trips to the Torch. Brownhills Youth Club opened me up to Soul and Mod music and then progressing onto Reggae.

My love in music is Northern Soul, Ska and Mod 60’s sounds and after recently returning to the decks, I have played at a few local venue’s and a couple of charity events further afield. 

Rocksteady Tonight 

Based: Northeast Pennsylvania US

Phil Duckworth & Rick Cornejo

Phil, a veteran podcaster hails from Canada originally, and has been a fan of the genre for decades. He can benchpress a small bear, useful in Pennsylvania.

Rick, from the woods of New Jersey, has been listening to ska since before he knew what ska was and lends his taste and unique perspective. David Beckham once spat at Rick and his friends for their taunts during a MLS match.

Both Phil and Rick love a wide variety of music styles, good beer and can often be found at music festivals.

Nashska with Roy Nash

Based: UK

Roy Nash

I’m Roy from NASHSKA. I have been in and around the Skinhead and Ska scene for as long as I can remember as it first hit me when I was about 13 years old.

Been DJing for around ten years now and love Boss/Skinhead Reggae as well as 2 Tone and all the other aspects of ska.

Love the scene and love entertaining people.

Sue’s Sounds

Based: UK

Sue West

Presenter of Sue’s Sounds. On the show I choose a theme each week and all the songs are to do with that theme. I enjoying bringing you a diverse play list and all within the genres of Bluebeat, Ska, Reggae and the Two Tone genres.

So join me for a different way of listening to music, see if you can guess some of the songs from the theme of that week.

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